Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders production

Storage and Operation of DDT/ DDP cylinders

Storage and Operation of DDT/ DDP cylinders                     

    •  The following information sets out the storage times and conditions as well as the maintenance of DDP cylinders products to ensure proper functioning of the hydraulic cylinders.

1. Safety Precautions 

A hydraulic cylinder is subjected to extreme Pressure, when operated under load. According to this, the following points must be adhered to:

  • Installation and maintenance may only be performed by qualified personnel.
  • The entire system must be depressurized prior to opening (e.g., replacing/disassembling individual components).
  • The pressure in the hydraulic cylinder must not exceed the maximal operating pressure specified in the drawing, and must furthermore be restricted via a relief valve.
  • Immediately replace damaged or defective lubricated parts and components.
  • Adhering to the safety regulations as defined in the Standard EN982 governing  hydraulics  and pneumatics.
  • Escaping fluid under pressure can penetrate the skin causing serious injury
  • When dealing with hydraulic oil, all legal and official directives must be adhered to.

2. Storage 

Hydraulic cylinders must be stored under dry conditions and at a constant temperature.Ensure that they are not impacted by aggressive agents such as corrosives or steam. When stored, cylinder oil ports must be sealed with suitable metal or plastic  plugs Under these conditions, cylinders can be stored up to 12 months provided that they have not yet been extended and retracted. After 12 months, cylinders must be inspected.